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Online harassment as a 'weapon'

Gripe logeThis week, a new website launched - - that is in my opinion a fine example of how organisations are forced to adapt to new ways of communication. The idea behind it is that people can use their online influence to resolve conflicts with local organisations. While this in itself is nothing new, Gripe adds an element that can have some interesting consequences for local organisations and clearly illustrates why Public Relations (online and offline) is so important:

Public Relations online

communication evolutionTechnological developments have always had a profound impact on human interaction. Faster means of travel, the telegraph, telephone, newspapers, television: each one opened up new channels of communication. One-on-one or one-to-many. The latest incarnations are of course mobile telephones and the internet. In recent years however, both technologies have advanced in leaps and are connected to one another. While this might seem like just another rather insignificant step, it is my opinion that this will have an impact on human interaction yet only to be guessed at. Consider this: